How to Subscribe


Receive notifications by e-mail, text message, or a feed to your online calendar when Curtis calendar events are added or changed in categories that you choose. How?

1. Open the Curtis calendar.

2. Select a category whose performances or other events you are most interested in knowing about. Choose from the Category dropdown menu, where you can select one option or multiples. Press Search.

category search

3. Once the results are displayed, look to the top right of the calendar. Click the star icon that says Subscribe.

subscribe icon 

4. You should see a window similar to this sample:
subscribe screenshot

The category or categories you chose will be listed in the box. The X next to each category allows you to remove it, if you do not want to include it in your notifications.

Select how you wish to receive notifications—by e-mail, text message, or calendar feed—and enter the required contact information.

Follow the instructions to complete your calendar notification subscription. In order to complete the request, you may be prompted to allow pop-ups from


To set up a persistently updating feed from the Curtis calendar to your Google Calendar:

1) Select the category that you want to subscribe to, such as Lessons & Studio Classes > Graffman, and search for results.

2) Once the results show, select Subscribe from the icons on the top right.

3) Select Personal Calendar Feed and Show URL.

4) Copy the Http iCal URL.

5) Open your Google Calendar

6) Click the down arrow next to the text Other Calendar.

7) Select Add by URL.

8) Paste the Http iCal URL into the URL box.

9) Click Add Calendar.

How to Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe from e-mail or text updates, go to the Unsubscribe page

To unsubscribe from calendar updates, check the directions for your particular calendar. Try searching on "delete calendar subscription" and the name of your calendar system (for example, GoogleOutlook 2010Apple iCal).


Laura C. Hart, senior director for digital initiatives